Reduce churn – collect feedback from seasoned product designers and managers.

Reduce churn – collect feedback from seasoned product designers and managers.

Get actionable insight on your Consumer or Enterprise app in as little as 3 business days.

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Let independent product designers and managers from some amazing companies give a fresh perspective on your app.

Who are the people giving you feedback?

Seasoned professionals from the likes of: General Electric / Verb Surgical / Johnson & Johnson / DocuSign and more.

How does it work?


Step 1. Matchmaking

Based on your product’s profile (e.g. consumer vs enterprise) your AMA rep will match you up with the ideal product designer/manager (s).

Who are these people? Independent professionals from a range of amazing companies.
How many people will review my app? The number of people who review your app depends on your budget.

Step 2. Teardown(s) Commence

Each AMA pro will independently review your app with your areas of concern in mind. For example you may be concerned with:

  • Specific flows:
    Sign up, user on-boarding and so on.
  • User Interface
    The overall visual language of your app.
  • User Experience
    How easily users can guide themselves through various journeys.

  • ...


    Step 3. Teardown(s) are Shared

    Each completed teardown is shared with you through a private URL. This way you can easily but securely socialize the findings across your company.

    Step 4. Follow up Consultation

    Once you have had a chance to look through the feedback, you will have a 30 minute follow up call with each designer to discuss their findings.


    Happy Customers

    Join a growing list of startups and high-growth companies that use AMA to augment their product teams.

    Getting fresh feedback from multiple senior designers at AMA really helped us improve our apps overall UI and UX. I would recommend these guys to anyone looking to collect valuable user input quickly.

    Sanjay D.
    Sanjay D.
    Product Manager, TruckerPath

    When launching my mobile app I wanted to avoid common product mistakes. With AMA I got the chance to have my app reviewed by some amazing designers who helped me launch a successful MVP.

    Urmi R.
    Urmi R.
    Co-founder, Ciao
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